Notes by WP Hartgring 2009 - 2011
The history of a complete and unusual journey of your favourite artist through this Realm

 The Fantastic Realism is a name for a collective style in Art (painting) that is figurative, with Visionary aspects. Here is not meant the 'Fantasy Style' which operates on a very different level.
The  Fantastic  Realism has its roots in the Imagination. This is the realm in the human being where  'the  presence' is very  fast, very agile, lucid and capable of everything. It consults the Black mirror.  Every thought, envisioning, every external form of energy - sending  its signals or energy in there creates the reflections of its intention. When going in there with due respect and the understanding  of the  position of oneself and the sincerity of one's question - depending on a very complexity of terms, - the answer is sometimes given. Called  'the great ideas', 'inventions' or the 'genial solutions' here the 'inspiration' is shared and understood. Threading these fields with peace or with the intention to 'free' or un-stress the mind, states of meditation follow. One then enters the Universal mind, which is - in this stage - not entirely empty. An ancient Book lays here, its contents filled with the history of our species. Carl G. Jung called this the 'collective memory' of mankind. A catalogue or a string of events is kept by a Librarian that, overmuch timid, is never seen by anyone 'alive'. Like in effortless dreams, it is also possible to learn and 'use'  ones own presence inhere. One can learn to envision things in the own mind, which is called 'being creative' - a very complex mixture of  associations  in the subjective personal mind and the capabilities of  this form  of consciousness that communicates or interacts with the Great Void or the agent of the Imagination on this level.