The Obscure places of Light'

A picture of the Forum, Rome

As the Forum was the Center of early Rome, so should be, in my opinion, the 'esoteric knowledge' the Center of our spiritual life. In fact, before Constantine, Rome looked very much as our society does now: a Pandorian mixture of all kind of religions and sects living next to each other. And so it should be, for whatever names and claims are made, the Universal Mind, or God, has no religion. All this is purely man's work, and - to me - one of the most interesting of his doings.

'The Gods are created by men and develop as we develop. So, accordingly, do their truths, which are neither eternal nor unchangeable - thank heaven. Allah seems to have some trouble catching up, but the Christian and Jewish gods are patently more civilized than their originals. If the YHVH of the old Testament were still alive today, he'd be in an asylum for the criminally insane'   Dick Eney

Other than religion, conviction, believing, grades in the university, - life in the main paradigms or other fixed path's, one finds in the esoteric all - truth and folly - that has ever occupied the spirit of man. Philosophers, scientists, prophets, doctors, writers, artists, men of all flock  and times have contributed to this great and partly ancient knowledge, of which some goes back thousands of years. One observes an overwhelming mass of spiritual constructions, like a world tree with an enormous crown, and as many leaves as there are stars.

The 'esoteric' cannot be claimed, nor classified. More than that, it seems a place of freedom. Just like a marketplace, to set up or visit a stand. It is especially interesting to follow the lines of thought and the origin of many 'taken for granted' cultural and common accepted phenomena. To read, to think and study here is a great privilege, all though it takes a lifetime to determine the underlining structures that lay in most of the present material. Then it becomes clear the 'esoteric' is in the heart of all religion and sects. And, more so, it has the same similarities in them all. This grand world tree has its roots in the self, the 'inner way' and the understanding of ourselves that draws the picture.

I did try once to imagine how life would be without history - or without all of this inherited material. As if our memory and collective memory was gone. We would fall back into primitiveness, as indeed happened after ww II in the arts, in the denial of our history. Memory stores consciousness, functions like recording life.  The distinction of our awareness is recorded and is at the same time our creation of our personal reality.

A majority of people does not want to have to do anything  with matters like these. They do not want to face up to themselves, and think  of it as something obscure. But as you know - the darkest hell creates the lightest heaven. They are the same. Is it not our greatest freedom to be allowed to create the life one lives, by choice, deed, thought, and to know we do so?   

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