Notes by Willem Peter Hartgring

The 'Dator Formarum' or the 'Giver of Forms' :

Now consider this: At a certain point in our history the brain began thinking. It was new and was - and still is - a hall of mirrors of the cosmos, all around. The oldest visions, of  for instance Zarathoustra's where descriptions of  his findings in these mirrors. For us these thoughts are Megalo, for the new brain - then - it was natural. The thoughts where there, and entered the brain. Here you see the Intelligence is omnipotent, and shared in and by everything. Still, all thinking and therewith creating a model, a reality, is no more
than the words written on an imagined - self implemented - wall, or limitation of our being. (
Like ourselves, I replied; and they see only their own shadows, or the shadows of one another, which the fire throws on the opposite wall of the cave? PLATO and the Allegory of the Cave.)

The name of the Foundation was chosen for the concept behind the words, as originated by Aristotle. It also has the intention to draw attention to the great thinkers in classic philosophy. Plato, Aristotle; Aristotle made a defined list, ( De Anima, Books I, II, III.) an order in the universum of a delegation of the powers of the  supreme being. They where named after their functions, or later, as 'translated'  in the church,  conceived as Angels. In our thinking  nowadays the direct and spontaneous contact with these orders is no less then they where, surely more in quantity, but understood differently. The contact with the Magical World seems to be neglected, and a practical, utilitarian, material focused form of thinking prevails. So be it. Humankind is like a probe, an evolving organic mass with some local general mindsets, with on the global scale five or six paradigm's  rolling. Doing so our own destiny's will become... In my mind, we should be looking humbly upon our place: allowed to be apes gifted with consciousness. A spark that is given to us to grow to dimensions we cannot enter yet. Not as a species, found in few individuals on this planet, living in mirrors that allow them to see through this blinding reflecting spot.Whenever the I of me will leave this world it will leave behind me an experience that has filled me with awe and the knowledge to have found nothing. But also in the good faith, to have studied all there is to know and to be blessed with experiences from these 'other dimensions' which have given me the insight to enter the just and the comfort it brings. To create my own path, to rely to it against every withstanding force. The creation is awesome - wherever we look - it is the creator. He has no name, no word, no doctrine or church, but there is a system depending on the openness of being. Blessing is send there. It, thehigher understanding stands all over us, waiting to a possibility to enter the non-ignorant. It will come in the form of dreams, visions, sounds. It will enter the heart, and leave us - reminding this knowledge of its presence. Urgent calls upon our consciousness locate themselves there and then are lost, if not understood or acted upon. This is the description of the free spirit and the feeling or knowledge that we have to answer to it.


In the Grand Cosmos there is no difference: light will penetrate darkness, gravity creates mass, that gets a substantial body to repeat and refine the processes. A play of enlightening and condensation in dualistic terms. We do not know - and we will never know. The probe will be. What? Whatever direction it takes, it does not matter. All in all we 'are in safe hands'. We cannot operate outside the Cosmic laws. We cannot not be - as we are here. The question is how we are. We have not yet begun upon the very first path's of the creative processes and possibilities. But with Hermes, the Buddha, Gurdjieff and many others our consciousness implies on us a Cosmic task, that will unfold as we find ourselves. We find we are that Cosmos, and should be open to what is the task we see waiting upon us.  The most delicate gift, our imagination is our forerunner, in direct contact with the energy's of the grand play. This gift or talent is to be compared with the 'giver of forms' - it is standing in front of us, like a void, a spirit or angel willing to take any form immediately upon the wish of our mind.


The way we translate the forms given to our receptive imagination by our Dator, will act back upon us - it creates the next mirror - for once materialized, we will have to live with it, and see to the consequences of our deeds. 'Play God, the Gods say, you will see it not too easy ...'. (Referring a.o. to the work of Goltzius, The Fall of Phaeton)

Especially the non-religious thinking of Aristotoles is the basis for our view on physics and mathematics that follow as an offspring of this line of thought. One can find sudden clear insights in pages and pages of almost   technical reasoning that are indeed enlightening. It will never be such a shocking mindset as it was in early medieval times, in which people where covered under a dull and intimidating regime of the church, that had learned them to be the poor sinners, living in guilt. The few men that thought different kept their mouth shut, or where beheaded, burned, or had limbs or finger cut off.  Nowadays - thanks to the renaissance we live in a part of the world that is founded more or less on the free and open inquisitive mind as the mind is by nature. From the old books, evaluated, and reviewed,  their contents connected to the life of the present day together with all insight and finding that can be gathered, we learn and adapt. As is the task of our brains and our minds.

As an artist and art director I have been fascinated by these men that all received their education at Padua, like Leonardo de Vinci, Vesalius, Harvey, Galileo Galilei, and who where at the roots of the Renaissance. We can agree about this term being somewhat overworked - yet it is a time to know our history and the grounds we stand in. In our history it is amazing to rediscover the way of the thoughts of Aristotle traveling from Greece in 'a Grand Tour' through Northern Africa, where they where adopted and assimilated by the Arab's to arrive in Spain and France in the early middle-age's causing a real revolution there.This tour took literally ages, as the publication of books in my youth took deccan's to get translated (if they where) and published across national borders.
Therefore it is a real grace to live in this time of cyberspace, where time and space are finally put in their value: - irrelevant. On my site are the directions to more of this treasure of which - together with my personal experiences - I thank most of my inspiration.

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