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Introduction to the Historical views on Mithraism

The 'Mithras Stone', or the ' Lapis Generix' - the stone that gives birth - is a mythical understanding of the processes around man. He sees the Starry night, that seems to call him home, but dwells in caves; to him these are of a kind, the cosmos and his cave. A fire is kept burning against his fear and the beasts. A light that vast and impressive appears over the mountains, the rising sun is seen as a friend, ( Mithras in Syrian) a deity. There is a growing interest in this myth, for it seems to have been at one time the world religion, spanning the globe, from Japan,  the far East, India and the  Middle East, all the way to Rome and to England. It is thus thought and proven to be at the root of  all next religions. If interested, there is much to be found on the net.href="" target="_self">