Explicatory of Terms and Links


The Explication of the Term 'The Merkabaïc Mountain'

The Word Merkaba, meaning Chart, or Chariot, is given to a highly fascinating vehicle
that is symbolically expressed by the Star of David, or the Six-pointed Star. In nowaday's religion's 
 - the dead corpussus of the living spirit -,  all is lost for it is purally induvidual - those
who are able to receive the call, will find their way.
The symbol:
Consisting out of two triangle's, intermingled, one pointing upward, one pointing down. One
is able, under special conditions and with a dedication to the Devinity of  Love to learn
to travel different dimensions, or layers in consciousness, starting by leaving the Dualism.
Ancient people had a knowledge to travel within this 'vehicle' wherever they wished, by a
special harmonyous control over the body's centers, and with the use of secret breathing-
techniques. For the people interested in these matters a starting point and links  are placed here:

(see this You tube full screen)