The Conditions & Terms of our treaty of Commerce


The works of Art made by Willem Peter Hartgring including the writings are protected by national and international copyright laws including The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). 
The Work is moreover protected by C.E.D.A.R. the European Institute on Copyright.

This document will be subject to revision upon revision without notification as circumstances demand further as yet unforeseen protection.

The majority of mankind has inborn feelings of aesthetics and respects the works of art, - God's grandchild. There are, however barbarians of a special tribe, the Usurers, and the Utilitarians, who lack these higher feelings. They occur in the best of families - it could even be your brother. They have to be guided by the law, written rules and sanctions.

 Reproducing the Art or citing the writings of Willem Peter Hartgring is conditioned to the following policies and guidelines:

No permission is granted: 
for the use of the Artworks that promote a private practice of any person or business.
Exceptions to businesses operating in Environmental, Nondual, Educational fields may occur.
Contact us at:

 Permitted and fair-free use:
Small scale Readings, Presentations or Workshop's,
 Tube video, Laser/projections, Overhead projector lectures, Power point  presentations, Slide talks,
and the like  on the conditions that the website addresses
"" or
"" or
is clearly shown together with the artwork on the screen.
To use artwork on your web site:
We made some special pages in this site with Free down loadable artwork.
An icon on every Theme in the work is made available, on the conditions:

That  the artwork is not used as a background, cropped, manipulated;  - i
mages may not be otherwise modified, colored, animated, or used as part of  a graphic design or changed in any way that violates
the original work. 
There is a special public page on sites in compliance with
to this list:
Contact us about exchanging links at:

Buying use of the Artwork:
The conditions of the use of Artwork bought is comparable with the terms and conditions the major
stock-photography agencies imply. Prices may differ, however.
CD covers, Magazines, (Digital)Newsletters,
inform us about your plans at: 

*There are articles, interviews and illustrated pages available through  our documentation center,
please do mail us when interested. 

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