The Form of Authentication

When an Original Artwork is bought the following guarantees from the DFF AC will apply: The work is personally signed by the artist and the transition is registered in our Administration Center. With the Artwork the buyer receives a document of Authentication, on which a description of the work, together with a small printed photographic copy, the name of the owner, and the place where this artwork will be installed. This guarantee holds its value as long as the Original work and this document are not separated. On intentions to move a work of art - as a gift, as an inherited good, the Administration Center must be informed to update registration which in these cases is done without a fee. On intentions to move a work of art as a commercial deal, or on auctions, a fee of 10%  is asked by the Administration Center at each proceeding transfer. This occurs for the Lifetime of the artist W.P. Hartgring and extending together with the Legal Copyright  to 70 years beyond the death of W.P. Hartgring. This money is returned to the W.P. Hartgring After Death Fund that will see to the interest of the Art of W.P. Hartgring in the broadest sense and in this manner  controlling and guaranteeing the value of your purchase.


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