The Administration Center 3

The Expertise Center

The Expertise  Center is the only authority concerning the work of 
Willem Peter Hartgring. It handles questions on authenticity of the works, and is the sole legal body to give out the
Form of Authentication. of wich a database for registration is set up which is updated on every change concerning the ownership and actual place of the works.
The Expertise center in compliance with the other centers also guards the value of the collection and your purchase in time - as to be independent from most external conditions.



Rider to the AC.

The After Death Fund.

This Fund will come into authority immediately after the death of
Willem Peter Hartgring, and will be the legal and sole recipient of the money made in the Expertise Center.
The After Death Fund  will see to the interest of the Art Collection of Willem Peter Hartgring in the broadest sense and in this manner  controlling and guaranteeing the value of it.