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Art as investment.

One does not have to be an art-expert to collect art. The strategy of investing in art can be performed by anyone with some interest and research. It will in most cases prove to be a lucrative and satisfying occupation. A Belgian collector of Fayance and ceramics has proven an increase of value in a time span of decades of over 800%.  There is no stock market in the world realizing such figures, and one would end up in the Casino's of Las Vegas trying to equal this. As for sculpture and paintings, everyone knows about the incredible sums of  money expressing the worth of masterpieces. The worlds most famous works of art do not even have a countervalue that can be measured in money. Of all stock expressed in the S&P 500 Index there is no fund outperforming Art. Recession, war, and periods of economic difficulties seem of no or little influence on the value of Art in general. Major investors balance their asset of real estate, bond, and hedge fund holdings with Art to stabilize their securities.
But one does not have to be wealthy to go into the of occupation of collecting and trading in Art. Everyone can start right away, in his own surroundings to find Art or an artist worth considering these intentions.

There are, however some concerns in the business: - First, depending on one's connections, the liquidity of Art - meaning to sell directly for its worth in money, can be limited. - Next, the risk of buying forgeries or fake copies must be eliminated by asking your  art dealer or gallery for Certificates of Authenticity to go with your purchase. Even if you know the artist, it is best to obtain this form together with the artwork - in case you will sell the work, or in case the work becomes a part of a legacy. Remember, when buying Art, it is always you who create its value too. So one is best off buying art that speaks to you, or which you love for its beauty or personal appeal. You do only gain this way, for it is the same way nature its self operates.

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