Bibliotheca Grande 

'Memory's of unspeakable melancholy:
many nights I traveled through corridors and on polished stairs
without finding any librarian'.

JL. Borges

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This Web Archive serves for the time being as our workspace and database to have the writings of Wilhelmus Petrus Hartgring at hand. The inter net is capable like no other medium for organizing all the work in different programs together. The Literary folder contains seven sections, and work is done on all of them. The work  is in divers stages of completion, - various manuscripts are in the process of  being translated and/or digitized. Others await re-editing, some a progressing to be published. Momentarily Virtual Books are developed for those who can appreciate them.

This work is done online in Google Doc's and are behind a  login .

The pages that we intent to share - in the draft stage or as a preview - with other people, and that are accessible here, are marked as links by means of underlining.