The Literary Folder

The Collections:
'with the hunters gone today, we will turn to our berry's, seeds, nuts and carrots'.

 k. The Collection of Chapter Names 
The Orphanage for the numberless wandering Ghosts of the memory.
l. Examples of the Adventures & Actions of the Pamphleteer.
The Sins and vanity of youth bored ad nauseam.
m. The Collection of  Droning Alliterations.
(Des Livrettes de la K. who finds and likes the rhythm in all things.)

n. The Secret Pattern in all textpages & their meaning.
The Language Inverted and as we see it coming, the space between words goes obsolete.
o. The Living Word/Collection
An Experiment as to Learn about the Sacred Letter and their Tones.
p. Improved Language/Poetry by Typos or Layers
q. The Visual Annotations
r.Sketches from The Old School 
s.The International Blanc Page and: t.u.v.w.x. an  actual Tables of Contents Folder.
(Sort of site map to the Manuscripts - to be glued to a roll)
y. The Lit.Xtra Folder.
(Contains the Famous Lorum Ipsumthe Sticky & Unavoidable Quotes Pages, and other
tail biting texts turned upon themselves, by  which the Magic is again unveiled.)
z. Literary Dump bin
for the Hope- & Homeless letter, sentences, chapters, books, newspapers,
and other recycled trees.