The Administration Center 2
The tasks of this Center are delegated to three sections:  

1. Administration of the Collection

Documentation Center

3. The Expertise Center

This is partly integrated in the Website and the Webshops:



1. Administration of the Collection:

- Keeping book of the original Artworks.
- Description of the Artworks, concerning the Documents of Authentication, keeping track of ownership and the ev. moving of the Works of Art.
In cases where Artwork is sold on a base of Consignation or on a base of monthly payment keeping record of thereof.



   Administration of the Reproductions and Replicas.

- Keeping in stock up to date copy’s in the form of slide’s (analogue) and digital in three different formats: Raw, Low Res, High Res.
- Keeping administration of this archive.

2. Documentation Center

- The Handling of Loans of the Artworks to musea, tours, etc.
- The Renting of Artworks
- The Management of a Picture Database to the interest of Publishers, Writers, Film Producers, Art Historians and Journalists.

- Information about the Artworks and the Artist
- Archiving material to the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (“AAT”) standard.

- Processing material
- Processing unpublished material,  research.
- Concepts of new publications, documents.